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The article: Maurizio Pugno (2014). Scitovsky, Behavioural Economics, and Beyond. Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journalhas been downloaded 4271 times, and it is the 11th most downloaded 2014 article of the journal.

The article: M. Pugno, in collaboration with Bartolini S. and Bilancini E. (2013). Did the decline in social connections depress Americans’ happiness?, Social Indicators Researchis in the top 25% of all research outputs ever tracked by the journal.

Maurizio Pugno, Scitovsky meets Sen, published in Cambridge Journal of Economics (July 2017)

Sen’s ‘capability approach’ is especially focused on human development as freedom from deprivations, while Scitovsky’s The Joyless Economy is focused on how people can expand their internal capability endogenously by enjoying learning as a socially embedded process. This paper uses the complementarity between the two authors to build a comprehensive dynamic approach to people’s ‘functionings and capabilities’. Different groups of ‘functionings’ are thus characterised by their different patterns of development in interaction with the resources available and the social context. As a result, Sen’s problems of evaluating ‘functionings’ and measuring ‘capability’ can be alleviated; harmful functionings can be predicted; children’s welfare can be better evaluated; and Sen’s definitions of ‘capability’, ‘agency’, and ‘well-being’ can be refined.

The article online is here.