Teaching (International Economics)

News: the results of the exam of 16/7/19 are here. The solutions of the first part are here. For the solutions of the second part see prof. D’Orlando’s web-page. Students with positive results in Trade can attend only the Finance part next September or December.

For urgent problems write to m.pugno(at)unicas.it 

International Economics – trade

The course of International Economics consists of two parts: International trade with lectures on Tuesday 3-5pm (prof. M. Pugno), and International finance with lectures on Monday 3-5pm (prof. F. D’Orlando) during the first semester.

The exam is unique.

For both parts, the main text is: Gerber, James, International Economics, seventh edition, global edition, 2018, Pearson Education, Edinburgh.

In addition, for the first part:

  • The material of the lectures, which is distributed upon request to the professor.
  • Dani Rodrik, New Technologies, Global Value Chains,and the Developing Economies, September 2018, to be downloaded from the url:


Here are the exercises (with solutions) in preparation for the exam.

See the web-page of GOMP at 91990 International economics for other details.

The correct answers to the exam questions of 19 Feb. 2019 on International Trade are here.

The correct answers of the exam of 22 Jan. 2019 are here.

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