Teaching (International Economics)

Warning: only booked students correctly subdivided in the two Google Classrooms according to the initials of their surname (A-I first classroom, K-Z second classroom) will have the access to the exam.

News: the new date of the next exams is 26 June 2020 h. 15.

News: The exams will be online, and remain written. Students must be equipped with a personal computer (not a smartphone) to attend the exam. They must use Chrome Meet, Classroom, and Forms, as well as their official email address (namegomp@studentmail.unicas.it). The booking for the exam, the examination booklet, passport or similar document are required as usual. The exams of July will follow a similar procedure.

The results of the exam of 18 Feb. 2020 are here.

The mark of the student (not in the list) n.54046 is 20/30 for the finance part.

The solutions of the trade parte of the exam of 18 Feb. 2020 are here and  here.

Email address: m.pugno(at)unicas.it

International Economics – trade

The course of International Economics consists of two parts: International trade with lectures on Tuesday 3-5pm (prof. M. Pugno), and International finance with lectures on Monday 3-5pm (prof. F. D’Orlando) during the first semester.

The exam is single.

For both parts, the main text is: Gerber, James, International Economics, seventh edition, global edition, 2018, Pearson Education, Edinburgh.

In addition, for the first part:

  • The material of the lectures, which is distributed upon request to the professor.
  • Dani Rodrik, New Technologies, Global Value Chains,and the Developing Economies, September 2018, to be downloaded from the url:


Here and here are some exercises (with solutions) in preparation for the exam.

See the web-page of GOMP at 91990 International economics for other details.

The slides of the first lecture are here.

Marks of the exam of 21/1/2020: entire exam (to be registered): (51411) 19/30, (53421) 18/30, (54046) 24/30, (53642) 22/30, (50809) 22/30;

only Trade (not to be registered): (53296) 19/30, (53529) 22/30;

only Finance (not to be registered): (53508) 18/30, (58165) 18/30, (53428) 19/30, (54118) 26/30, (55383) 19/30.

The solutions of the exam (two versions) are here and here.

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Economics of Human Capital in italiano.